Mistakes were made, and it was fun!

Ubuntu 17.04 configuration

To get Ubuntu 17.04 nice and ready for software development, there are a few settings you might want to take care of first.

CUDA and cuDNN on Ubuntu 17.04

In August 2017, using CUDA on Ubuntu 17.04, rather than on 16.04 LTS, is a bit of a pain in the ass, because of the missing official support.

nvidia-docker on Ubuntu 17.04

After installing docker-ce, NVidia drivers, CUDA and cuDNN on your Ubuntu 17.04 laptop, it’s time to install nvidia-docker, which lets you access CUDA from inside a Docker container, which comes very useful.

Experiments were conducted, and a few eyebrows sacrificed...

Artistic style transfer

In this experiment, we create a neural artistic style transfer model from a propaganda poster, and use it to demonstrate style transfer on some of our modern propaganda material.

Tech support email

Objective: to pre-route and tag incoming tech support issues based on a textual analysis of the initial support email.

License plates / ALPR

The objective of this experiment is to produce a Tensorflow model which takes an input 1080p image, processes it for max 200 ms, and outputs a list of OCR’d Finnish modern license plate values.