Machine Learning Business Basics

Finding sales pitches for various AI products and platforms is easy, but finding a discussion regarding how to relate your business activities to the top level concepts of machine learning and AI, much less so. Success and Scoping In 2019, you’d normally invest into using existing machine learning tools, in order to acquire new key capabilities for your existing lineup, which would have been prohibitively expensive before this boom.
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Summer desk fan with Noctua 200mm + Raspberry Pi Zero W

It’s hot like hell. Let’s move some air around. Noctua came up with a very high quality 5 V, 200 mm fan, NF-A20 5V PWM. Amazon is their official channel, but for some reason they refuse to sell the product to Finland through Amazon. So it is, at 30€ plus shipping. Let’s say that we’ll control the fan with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, which has a 5 V rail that seems to be connected directly to the USB power input
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