Mikael Gueck

Software Architect

20 years of software development behind me and many up ahead.
Next challenge: machine and deep learning.


  • Studying Machine Learning and Computer Vision

    Humble student

    Helsinki, Finland

    During the latter parts of 2017, I was lucky enough to work on some Computer Vision POC projects at Affecto, which got me very excited of the potential of Deep Learning. The genuine challenge of these strange math concepts was extremely invigorating after so many years of incrementally polishing the software development skillset.

    Now I'm familiarizing myself with the concepts and the incredibly quickly evolving toolsets of this field, through a few days of building practical solutions, and a few weeks of wondering why they don't work, followed by a Eureka moment.

    ML isn't just a tool for data scientists, it needs to become a part of every architect's, developer's and project manager's solution palette, where requirements match.

  • Affecto Finland Oy / CGI

    Technical Architect

    Espoo, Finland

    Member of the New Technogies SWAT team, helped business units experiment with developing new offerings with Computer Vision, facial recognition, responsive retail spaces, IoT, digital signage, etc.

    In the conventional consulting business, years of large and small consumer-facing projects in the Media, Government and Retail industries.

    CGI acquired Affecto in the end of 2017, 100% of my team found new challenges elsewhere.

  • Fonecta Oy

    Senior Java Engineer

    Helsinki, Finland

    Helped a startup team acquired by a larger entity. Customers migrated to a new, COTS system.

  • OneDidIt Ltd

    Software Architect

    Helsinki, Finland

    Startup tried to help commuters to lessen their carbon emissions, but ran out of funding.

  • Ixonos

    Senior Consultant

    Helsinki, Finland

    Administrative "architect" at a significant public sector project.

  • University of Helsinki

    Software Architect

    Helsinki, Finland

    40k user bespoke Intranet project; architected portal software, led the implementation, interfaced with open source component provider communities, integrated autonomous web services from different parts of the organization.

  • Fountain Park Ltd

    Team Leader

    Helsinki, Finland

    Helped transform a communications consultancy into a SaaS software vendor.

  • Wapit Ltd

    Team Leader

    Helsinki, Finland

    Led a team at an actual rock star's mobile service software startup, which got fatally wounded by the dot-com bubble bursting.

Professional Skills

Top Perspectives

Software Architecture

Producing distributed systems which allow the customer to continue investing in business features to be delivered on a consistent schedule.

Software Development

Spending an hour after every workday to stay up to date with what the world has to offer.

Having managed to make most of the mistakes and learn at least something out of them, I still get excited, but not fanatic.

First line leadership

Communication and the setting of expectations. You're there for the team and for each of its members.

Rather than providing the answers, you're there to make sure that people have considered the right questions and perspectives.

Other Skills

Computer Vision Machine Learning DevOps Agile Cloud Linux Git JVM Kotlin Java Scala C/C++ Python English Finnish



Lifelong learning

One hour after every work day

Annually, I invest around 30 days of my own time, about one hour per each workday, into learning new stuff after hours, ranging from HBR to new memory technologies.

A significant part of this learning is building various hobby projects openly on GitHub, to elicit social feedback from a global community of very smart people.

Computer Engineering

EVTEK University of Applied Sciences

A two-year stretch of English language engineering studies in the 90s.

Those were the days.

Truncated, when the siren of industry started singing.